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Блок Давка


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Pyramid So

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Побег из к

Побег из к

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Online APK Downloader ( FAQ:
What is APK Downloader ( ?
  • With this service you can easily download free applications from the store Google Play. As you know , Google Play gives users save apk- application files to your computer , and is limited only to those application that you can only upload to my Android-powered device ( tablet, smartphone , etc.). This is primarily due to the fact that Google still cares the safety of its users and tries to prevent the spread of viruses and virus software. In addition, Google restricts its users in the country in which the user is located , as well as its model. Therefore, users do not always get to download a particular application, which , according to Google, is not compatible with the device. And so you want to download it ! Although we all know that 99% of supposedly incompatible with our devices application downloaded from other sources work fine . In this case, you may use our online service , which will generate for you a direct link to download apk- file and store it in the computer and then install it on your device.
From Google Play store I can download any app?
  • No. You can download only free application. In addition, we can not guarantee that we will find links to all the free applications. This is primarily due to the dynamic allocation of files by Google.
Is there a limit on the number of downloads of applications per day ?
  • As such there are no restrictions, but with a large number of visitors to our server, we limit the number of allowable downloads per visitor.
Where are found in Google Play files ?
  • All new users found the files are stored on our servers, so if someone entered in the search application, which to him someone already searched, the user will receive a direct link to the file from our server. Thus, we reduce the query load in Google Play, and hence increase the quota to download applications for each user.
To use the service need any of my data (email, password, etc.) ?
  • No, we do not require you to enter any data, and you do not need to be authorized on the site Google Play.
I get it, I start using your service ?
  • It's very simple. Just paste the link in the input field of the form or just the package name com.rovio.angrybirds and click "Get a link to download" and wait. Important: Generating links can pass a few minutes, so please be patient.
Is there an alternative way to download from Google Play ?
  • Yes. You can install the Russian-speaking browser extension Google Chrome, downloading it in the subject on our forum.
What to do if there is a new Google Play version of the application, and the service allows me to download the older version from your server ?
  • In this case, leave your comments below.
Where can I report bugs in the work of your service ?
  • Any questions, comments and suggestions you can leave a this topic of our forum.

We hope you enjoy using our service!


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